[Samba] novell-like trash bin

universe universe at truemetal.org
Tue Apr 2 17:52:04 GMT 2002

hi list,

a buddy of mine would like to switch the fileserver of his existing office
network (80+ employees) from novell to windoze, using samba, that is. as
he got to know from some employees, the novell fileserver has a
functionality that comes in quite handy: when users delete files that
reside on the server, they'll be automatically stored in a "trash bin" on
the novell fileserver for quite a while, allowing them easy restoring of
accidently deleted data all by themselves. also, in the meantime those
users got obviously quite used to simply deleting files rather quick where
they think they don't need them anymore, always knowing they can bring
them back anytime soon if it should be necessary. 

in order to convince the head clerk that samba is the way to go and to
drop novell, it must have a similar functionality as explained above. does
anyone have a clue if something like this is going to implemented, or
probably is already implemented, or can be added by oneself somehow? 


best regards,
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