[Samba] WINS Clutter

amoote at ivhs.com amoote at ivhs.com
Tue Apr 2 11:56:03 GMT 2002

Yah...the WINS environment is well crafted.  I know how things should work,
although I am not an MS guru.  I have the clients getting their WINS server
settings through DHCP.
The "node type" setting you mentioned.  I was looking around for that.  I
couldn't see it anywhere.  (I checked for it on a Win9x PC, not NT/2000)

Anyhow...I appreciate the advice.  Thanks again.


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Don't know. Are you sure that the clients are set up with the correct
wins server (or at all)?

Only local file dealing with netbios lookup should be lmhosts but that
shouldnt be used when
using wins. Btw: there is a setting on "node type" that determines the
search order on the
client. You want "hybrid" which means use wins first, then broadcast.

Eirik Thorsnes

amoote at ivhs.com wrote:

>Thanks...I found the file and edited it appropriately.  Although...these
>Windoze systems aren't noticing the changes.
>Do you recall if there is a local Windoze file I should flush or change
>regarding WINS data?
>Alan B. Moote
>Systems Administrator
>MARK IV Industries
>tel: 905.624.7908
>fax: 905.625.6197

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