[Samba] Can't print duplex

Gerald Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Apr 2 08:27:04 GMT 2002

On Mon, 1 Apr 2002, Gary Algier wrote:

> I followed the instructions carefully on the uploading of the Win2k drivers.
> I made sure I canceled out of the initial wizard attempt and I installed
> the drivers to the server first.   I used the drivers that came with
> Win2kPro SP2. I then setup the duplexer on the server.  I double clicked
> on the printer.  It installed the drivers automatically.  I then went
> to print something and the Layout tab does not show two-sided.

Very strange. I did my testing with HP 8000 Series PS drivers download 
from hp.com.

> I used the drivers that came with Win2kPro SP2.  I noticed that the
> drivers were placed in /var/samba/printers/W32X86/3/.  I thought that
> Win2k and WinNT drivers went into .../Win40?

No.  WIN40 is "Windows 9x".  W32X86 is WIndows NT x86 (2 - NT 4.0, 3 - 

> If I go to Settings/Printers and select the printer and check the
> properties, it shows an installed duplexer.  If I select the "Printing
> Preferences" button it shows a window with a Layout tab.  That Layout
> tab has choices for two-sided.  Setting it to two-sided does not work.  
> It accepted it.  I then went to print a document and the document
> printing dialog had no two-sided choices under the Layout tab.  The

What application are using here?

> document was printed one sided.  Going back to the
> Settings/Printers/.../Printing Preferences/Layout still showed two-sided
> was selected as the default.
> I'm stumped.  It really looks like all the problems are on the client,
> but we have about 50 Win2k clients with the same problem.

Hang in there.  We'll figure it out.....

cheers, jerry
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