[Samba] little bug in pdb_tdb.c

Thierry ITTY thierry.itty at besancon.org
Tue Apr 2 07:11:06 GMT 2002


i'm not new to samba but i'm new to this list

so i'm not sure it's the right one to post this but i feel confident that
the people who are concerned will read this somehow

i'm trying to set up the latest samba version (downloaded this morning)
with the newest features, including TDB for example.

i found a little bug in pdb_tdb.c line 551. there's a missing line. the
name of the password database is thus not correct and you get an error
message (unable to open file...) when running smbpasswd.

from line 547 pdb_tdb.c reads :

/* Data is stored in all lower-case */    
fstrcpy(name, sname);                     
pstrcat(tdbfile, PASSDB_FILE_NAME);       
/* set search key */                      

the missing line is :
pstrcat(tdbfile, "/");                    

so it should read :

pstrcat(tdbfile, "/");                    
pstrcat(tdbfile, PASSDB_FILE_NAME);       

thanks for forwarding the info to whoever it may concerns (and for feedback !)

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