[Samba] where are the filenames of printed documents

F.Kalhammer f.kalhammer at online.de
Tue Apr 2 06:41:04 GMT 2002

Hi all there

I don't know, if it is OK to ask such a question on this lists, but I've got no
other idea...

My problem is, that I want to see the filenames of printed files in the queue.
I patched smbd a little (printing/printing.c and printing/printfsp.c) an I was
successfull using smbclient to print. Now I saw the real filenames using lpq.

But if I use Win98 to print a file, it doesn't work. The variable fname is just
an empty string. I traced it down until smbd/reply.c (int reply_open_and_X) and
even there I get an empty string with smb_buf(inbuf) using Win98. With
smbclient I can see the Filename here.

Does anyone knows a way to get the filename also with Win98???

Please answer directly cause I'm not a member of this list.


E-Mail: F.Kalhammer <f.kalhammer at online.de>
Date: 02-Apr-02
Time: 16:03:46

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