[Samba] WINS Clutter

amoote at ivhs.com amoote at ivhs.com
Tue Apr 2 06:39:05 GMT 2002

Thanks...I found the file and edited it appropriately.  Although...these
Windoze systems aren't noticing the changes.
Do you recall if there is a local Windoze file I should flush or change
regarding WINS data?


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The wins info is in a text file called wins.dat you could try editing that.

Eirik Thorsnes

amoote at ivhs.com wrote:

>Hey gang,
>Shed some light on this problem would ya?
>I am using Samba 2.2.3a as a WINS server in my environment.  When I was
>fooling around with Domain/Workgroup names, it registered all the trial
>names in WINS.  These group names remain, but they are empty.  I either
>want to flush the WINS server and let it re-register the Domains or
>hand-edit the junk out.  Are either of these solutions possible?
>Thanks in advance for the help.
>Alan B. Moote
>Systems Administrator
>MARK IV Industries
>tel: 905.624.7908
>fax: 905.625.6197

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