[Samba] problem with samba as PDC for SambaCSWG

Chittaranjan Mandal chitta at cse.iitkgp.ernet.in
Mon Apr 1 09:42:09 GMT 2002


I have got it working upto making my linux file system (for each user)
visible in windows (NT/2000/98/..) via workgroup.
But I am stuck at making samba the pdc.
I want to be able to login via samba into windows m/cs.

I have created an account for m/c running windows 2000 (cs-lb-99$) with
passwd cs-lb-99, same with smbpasswd, as in your instructions.

Workgroup membership works without any trouble, but when I try to make it
part of the domain, I am asked for a login and a passwd.

In /etc/group I have:

None of root, chittaLocal or chitta are accepted.

These are some lines from /etc/samba/smb.conf;
   workgroup = SambaCSWG
    domain master = yes
    preferred master = yes
    domain logons = yes
    logon drive = H
  domain admin group = root @adm
  domain guest group = nobody @guest
    wins support = yes
   comment = Home Directories
   browseable = no
   writable = yes

# Un-comment the following and create the netlogon directory for Domain
   comment = Network Logon Service
   path = /usr/local/samba/lib/netlogon
   guest ok = yes
   writable = no
   share modes = no

$ rpm -q samba

What is going wrong?
What do I need to do to get the PDC feature working.


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