[Samba] sys_gethostbyname error causing large delay in sessionsetup

Adam.Read at excellus.com Adam.Read at excellus.com
Mon Apr 1 08:33:07 GMT 2002

I have looked through my smb.conf, my logs, and everything else, but I am
not running with any "hosts allow" settings, and the error is at log level
0, so that does not help.  The interesting party is that it finds the
correct ip for the workstation.  The only other instance of this problem
was reported to the list back in 1997.  This is really slowing down my
users and some are quite angry with me(though this is normal).
The slowdown seems to only effect most, but not all users, both NT4 and
I hope you can think of something other than enumerating in hosts (too many
workstations + DHCP + ip renumbering coming up).

Thank you for your time,
Adam D. Read
Linux SA
IT, Univera HealthCare, WNY

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On Mon, 25 Mar 2002 Adam.Read at excellus.com wrote:

> I am running Samba version 2.2.3-pre and have run into a slowdown.  This
> doesn't seem to be a problem for my account (mapped as root), but it
> creates a delay in the session setup for my users.  The delay can be
> anywhere from 30 seconds to over a minute.  I cannot find a true cause,
> the computer name is resolved correctly.  These are NT4.0 clients, and
> are only in WINS, so no DNS entries for them or /etc/hosts / lmhosts
> entries.
> Consequently, I don't even have an lmhosts file.
> Here is a snippet of the log @ level 3 (sorry, don't have too much disk

Do you have "hosts allow = <hostnames>"?  Try using the IP addresses
in this line instead.  Also try setting "log level = 0".

cheers, jerry
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