[Samba] Explorer/PDC

Brian Whitehead bwhitehd at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 1 05:59:04 GMT 2002

I've seen this problem my self.  My guess is that the existing profiles were
owned by the user account that existed on the old domain.  When creating the
new domain the machine is a little confused.  It sees the same username and
domain, but the SID doesn't match.  This may not be exactly right but it's
the general thought behind the problem.  The primary reason I think this is
a permissions issue is that if you make that user an administrator with full
control on the machine explorer will stop crashing.  Give it a try.

There are a few options:
- Make them local admins with full control, NOT a good idea or solution.
- Delete the local profiles, losing all settings and personal settings.
Again, not a good solution.
- Change ownership of the files/folders in the profile.  Making sure the
settings are inherited throughout.

There is also a registry hack that will point the users profile to another.
The reason this will be necessary is when you logon to a new domain it may
create a new profile.  C:\Documents and Settings\username.NEWDOMAIN but all
of the users stuff is still in C:\Documents and Settings\username.OLDDOMAIN.

There is a MS document on redirecting this in the registry, but I can't find
it right now.  If you want to search for it go to
http://technet.microsoft.com/ .  I will look for it later today.
This doc applies to NT but I'm sure there is something similar for Win2K.


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> Hi
> I've just set up a new Samba PDC-Server (2.2.3a) that has to do the job
> the old server (also Samba PDC 2.2.3a) did.
> I compiled Samba, copied the config-files, passwd, group, shadow and
> smbpasswd onto the new server and changed the config-file values to fit
> the new name of the server.
> I logged out all clients, deactivated the old server and started the
> new one.
> No problems so far.
> The Win2000 clients couldn't log in first (new PDC, new servername), so
> I reconnected to the Domain as Windows-admin (giving root's
> smb-password) and changed the IP of the WINS-server.
> Now normal users can log in, but immediately after the login the
> Windows Explorer crashes and crashes and crashes...
> If I delete the user-profile on the server, the next login is possible
> without problems, but thats not a solution (currently about 500
> profiles in /home/$user/.Profiles).
> I have no idea if this is a Samba or Windows problem.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks
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