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Sean Elble s_elble at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 1 05:30:03 GMT 2002


IIRC, it isn't enough to change your NetBIOS and
hostname back to the original settings, because the
NetBIOS name and hostname are essentially useless for
the Windows Domain Security Model. The most important
factor there would probably be the SID (security
identifier), which also must be changed to the value
of the original server, for the server to appear
identical. Unfortunately, I can't recall which file
contains this SID, at least in the 2.2.x versions of
Samba. Can someone step in here?

BTW - I'm not positive this will fix your problem,
but, at this point with 500 profiles, it's worth a
--- Fridtjof Busse <fridtjof.busse at gmx.de> wrote:
> On Monday, 1. April 2002 08:36, Sean Elble wrote:
> > Fridtjof,
> >
> > My wild guess is that something in the profiles is
> dependent on the
> > server name, and this is what is causing the
> crash. Is it possible to
> > revert to the old server's name and security
> identifier? This would
> > seem to be the best solution to me, but only if
> it's possible,
> > naturally. (Please forgive me if I sound a little
> off; 1:30 AM EST)
> > Hope that helps.
> Sorry, I didn't mention this: I already changed the
> name back to the 
> original PDC (netbios-name and hostname).
> The only thing I didn't change is the IP address,
> but I can't change 
> this back, because it's already the address of the
> old machine and now 
> the gateway.
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