Printing: Paper Sizes, a very weird one

Adam Clark adam at
Sun Sep 30 18:36:02 GMT 2001

	This is a very wierd problem indeed.
I am sharing 4 printers from samba 2.2.1a, All printer driver installed
and printing work great.

Getting properties as the printer admin I can change the paper sizes and
document defaults

I can goto any computer around the network and install with no probs either

The funny problem I'm having is the document defaults(nt4) and printing
preferences(nt5) section
The list of paper sizes available is this:
 6 3/4 Envelope
A4 Plus
A4 Small

We want the default for the paper size to be a4, so I set it

When the printer is installed, the clients have A4 Small as thier default,
not A4, as is selected
Getting properties on the printers on the server has the same effect

log in as the printer admin user, and it installs as A4, like it should

Another thing is that If I were to select A4 Plus as the default, the
clients get A5 as thier default, 2 paper sizes lower in the list
Its like it is being sent a "Use the 3rd paper size from the top" rather
than "Use A4" and the ppd files are different or something, which they arn't

I dont have a clue

A very weird one indeed


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