Jorge Rocha jrocha at
Sun Sep 30 12:38:02 GMT 2001

thanx Joel........

This is what happens to me. When i type ps ax | grep smbd

10724 ?        S      0:00 /usr/local/samba/bin/smbd -D
11288 pts/0    S      0:00 grep smbd 

and when i try to see my samba server from a vmware running w2k i can't see the
computer looking the windows network browser, but if i search it by ip i can
see a computer (but i can't get in, when i try i get an error message: is no accesible, The account is not authorized to log from this
station) I can't get in but i don't know if i'm seeing the linux server even
if the samba is not working...... another case i need to specify is that this
is an upgrade from samba 2.0.5 but i made a fresh install but i'm using the
last smb.conf file.

i thank your aid. cheers!!!!

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