HP-UX 10.20 .tdb issues

MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1) don_mccall at hp.com
Fri Sep 28 11:40:10 GMT 2001

The latest cvs should address this;
pull it and remove your config.cache, then do a .configure and make
This should build samba such that it sees that it is an HP-UX system,
and automatically sets the smb.conf parameter "use mmap = no".
You shouldn't have to modify the config.h file anymore on the latest
Hope this helps,

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I tend to have repeated trouble with samba's .tdb files on HP-UX 10.20.
I have updated from 2.2.1a to recent CVS snapshots and while the frequency
of the problems has been reduced (and the .tdb files do not grow beyond
bounds anymore), I still from time to time run into trouble and find
messages like these:
[2001/09/24 11:22:38, 0] tdb/tdbutil.c:(342)
  tdb(/var/local/samba/locks/messages.tdb): tdb_oob len 637606321 beyond eof
at 16384

The problem disappears when I manuall remove the HAVE_MMAP define from
include/config.h after configure. I think it would be worth to consider
removing HAVE_MMAP as a special rule on HP-UX 10.20.

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