%g problem again

ferenckollarics at officedepot.hu ferenckollarics at officedepot.hu
Fri Sep 28 07:59:29 GMT 2001


I've seen, that it is not the first time when someone asks this question, but I
haven't find any solution to my problem.
We have a SuSe 7.2 with a Samba 2.2.0a server. In this time the server is the
member of a Workgroup, but we plan to change it to PDC.
The Samba itself works very well, but in the config file I'm not able to use %g
(and %G). Exactly: when I use them just in "comments", it works well, but in
"include" commands (like include = /....../conf.%g or %G) in the log file I see:
Can't find include file conf.%g (or %G).
I see, that the connection to the shares with the correct UserName made after
the Samba searched for "missing" conf.%g. This way I won't be able to use %g or
%G, because identifying user is after including include files? Or something
wrong with my minds? Have you got any idea, what is the solution?



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