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The first question would be, "what type of connection does the remote
network have to the network that the samba server resides on?" The second
question would be, "Are you using WINS and is your samba server on the local
network speaking to your WINS server?". I am assuming that your samba server
is speaking to a WINS server to resolve names.  Let's assume for the sake of
argument that this is true and your remote network is "not" connected
through a VPN then you would have to have another WINS server on your remote
network that would speak to the local WINS server to share local names to
the remote.

On the local network your samba server speaks to the local WINS server to
list is existence via. it's name.  But your WINS server cannot supply name
information across a router (which would be the case if you were not using
VPN to connect the two networks).  You either need another WINS server on
your remote network that is syncing with your local WINS server to tell all
of your clients on the remote network that the Solaris server's name is "". 

 If you don't have another WINS server on the remote network and you are
"not" connecting via. VPN then you should be able to setup another samba
server on your remote network to act as a WINS server for that remote
network and it will advertise the name of the local network Solaris box to
the remote network.  All of this is assuming that you 1.) Are not connecting
the two networks via. VPN and 2.) Are using WINS for name propagation.  If
you are using WINS and VPN then there should be no reason why the name of
the local Solaris box shouldn't be viewable/accessible to the remote
network.  The only problem here would be that your Solaris box that is
running as a samba server is not speaking to the WINS server or nmbd is not
correctly configured.

If you network configuration is different then the example network that I
have talked about above, then let me know what your actual configuration is
and I will re-vamp the above for you to fit your actual network and we will
see if we can get your issue resolved.

Chris Adams
Los Angeles, Ca. 

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I've installed samba 2.2.1a on a Solaris 2.8 server & it works fine
connecting from the local NT4 domain we have. However I am trying to give
access to users on a remote Windows 2000 domain.  It seems they can connect
OK by specifically connecting to the IP address, but the server refuses to
advertise itself on their local network. Users on the remote domain can ping
the server & telnet to the server, but it doesn't show up in their network

This problem isn't a showstopper, but I wonder why the problem exists.  Is
there some change I can make in smb.conf to fix it, or some change they need
to make on the remote network?

All suggestions appreciated.

Paul Blackaller
Technical Analyst
Lynx Financial Systems
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