NT.web service & Samba Q

Mark Turner markt at govirtual.com.au
Thu Sep 27 15:44:04 GMT 2001

I've got a little web server.

I'm seperating the 'server' from the data by having the data available
to the server over a Samba share.

Good thinking?

Maybe. Until I find that the busy little server is ramping up the open
files. Quickly!

So to flush these 'open' you'd expect a server to close the open
request. (Terminology may differ with granularity of knowledge).

The server does not appear to quickly close these files.
Leading to a slow-then-halt of the server.

Is this some sort of 'cache' behaviour?

Is there something I can do at the NT or Samba end to reduce this

Regards, MarkT

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