"Unexpected network error" copying large ... NOT A SAMBA PROBLEM!

Brian.P.Kasper at aero.org Brian.P.Kasper at aero.org
Thu Sep 27 13:31:04 GMT 2001

Hello, folks.

It now appears that the problem I described (failures copying
> 100 MB files to Samba drives) is not due to Samba.

I updated OpenSSH and OpenSSL on my system as part of a general
shotgun-debugging procedure (I installed all the latest Red Hat 7.0
updates), and now I can copy files > 100MB with Samba, but *NOT*
with scp!

The sequence of events:

Copying large files works with scp, not with Samba
(Update SSL, SSH .rpm's)
Now copying large files works with Samba, but fails with
scp at 100MB with a "signal 25" error.

This indicates to me that the problem is not with Samba; thanks
to everyone who responded, but I will now pursue SSH or SSL as
the culprit.

Samba rocks, thanks to the developers.


Brian Kasper
kasper at aero.org

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