Sticky shares?

Urban Widmark urban at
Thu Sep 27 11:31:08 GMT 2001

On Thu, 27 Sep 2001, Michael P. Blinn wrote:

> > Kernel version? smbmount from which samba version?
> > It should try and be able to reconnect, but older versions have a few
> > known problems (both with trying and being able).
> Kernel 2.2.19

You could try 2.4.10. There is one bug where smbmount will fail to
reconnect if it is too slow (>5 seconds).

> Are your patches are basically a keepalive script like your date crontab
> entry above, or are they source patches? Is there any known threshold for
> the amount of time that goes by before these filesystems are "forgotten"?
> Can I change this threshold value? - I'm enjoying SAMBA for helping me steer

It moves the "keepalive" sending into the kernel (it's just a timer).
For now I wouldn't recommend running that on a production machine, 

On NT/win2k there is a registry key for how long until the server 
disconnects an idle client:
-1 to 65535 minutes (?)


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