Windows viruses hitting linux.....

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Most viruses destroy data by simply changing the contents of existing files
or replacing them with copies of the virus file.  

Since computer viruses utilize such a wide variety of methods to inflict
their damage, it's doubtful that you would implement a method to stop them
at this level.  I suppose you could construct something that would watch for
any file extension being changed or appended by .jbs or some other call
sign.  It's tough to control this through file permissions since the virus
will conduct it's business in the security context of the Windows user.  

My best advice would be to run a good AntiVirus program on the Windows
desktops and a STRONG AntiVirus package such as Trend's ScanMail on your
mail servers.


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I guess my question is: What commands are issued by the viruses to do their
damage (erasing files)? 
Is is possible with samba to disallow certain types of commands, say
commands with  wildcards that erase files? Or, in a more general sense,
could samba limit what clients can do in terms of copying and writing files
in such a way that viruses couldn't do much harm but users wouldn't be

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