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Samba is made for emulating the Windows file sharing system.  Not the
windows system itself.  For  your uses, I would suggest WINE or Win4Lin...
both are available and can be located easily by use of a search engine such
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  I am a Firefighter and I am currently working on a project to educate the
public on Safety such as fire safety and evacuation procedures. I have come
up with a information program which is presented on a computer located in
strategic public places.
  The education program is in a windows format call astound, The computer is
unattended and the program interacts with the public. I would like to use a
linux base OS because of its stability. I think Samba 2 may be my answer.
         1 Can Samba run the astound program full screen with samba and
linux running in the background?
          2 Will samba be able to run AVI, Mpeg and animated gif files
          3.Can I configure the system so that when you turn on the computer
that the astound program startup automatically?
          4.If these answer is possible which linux operating system should
I use and how would I go about in doing this?
  Thank you for your time

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