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The first thing I would suggest is to check and see if there
is something comparable to astound out there for linux, therefore bypassing
the whole windows program need, bypassing the need for most pay-per-license
fees. As far as running a windows program under linux, you would need WINE,
vmware or some other win-emulator. Hope this advise helps some.
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I am a Firefighter and I am currently working on a project to educate the
public on Safety such as fire safety and evacuation procedures. I have come
up with a information program which is presented on a computer located in
strategic public places.
The education program is in a windows format call astound, The computer is
unattended and the program interacts with the public. I would like to use a
linux base OS because of its stability. I think Samba 2 may be my answer. 
       1 Can Samba run the astound program full screen with samba and linux
running in the background?
        2 Will samba be able to run AVI, Mpeg and animated gif files
        3.Can I configure the system so that when you turn on the computer
that the astound program startup automatically?
        4.If these answer is possible which linux operating system should I
use and how would I go about in doing this?
Thank you for your time
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