Richard Smart rsmart at netaccess.co.nz
Thu Sep 27 06:18:02 GMT 2001

I created a workaround for this for a school network (using RH6.2, Samba
2.0.7 & Win9x clients)

For the netlogon share I used a preexec script that created a temporary
textfile in the homes share

groups > grouplist.txt

I used the netlogon share because it was always accessed when a user logged on

A postexec script deleted the grouplist.txt file afterwards

I then created a small (dos) exe program that ran in the login script and
interrogated the grouplist.txt file for specific groups as needed and used
return values to indicate true or false. The login script used lines such as 

(dos exe) "Groupname beingchecked"
IF ERRORLEVEL !=1 GOTO ... to provide the conditional jumps

While not particularly elegant it works reliably (and has for the last 8
months). If it helps I can send more detail including copies of the dos exe
source code etc etc. If there are better (or more elegant) ways of doing
this I would be interested as well :-)

Richard Smart

At 16:06 26/09/01 -0500, you wrote:
>I have seen these types of login scripts on novell servers before, but it is
>a dos command....
>is there any way to get this type of script to work under samba?
>How does dos check to see what groups a logged in user is a member of?
>What Variables if any does samba pass to the win9x client to set these?
>Barry Smoke
>Network Administrator
>Bryant Public Schools
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