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Thu Sep 27 04:17:02 GMT 2001


Unfortunately I have been completely unsuccessful in getting my Win2000 box
to gain authorization to mount a share from my RedHat 7.1 Linux box running
Samba 2.2.1a.

Would someone please help me solve this problem.

I have methodically run and succesfully passed all but one of the
troubleshooting steps in Chapter 9 of the O'Reilly book "Using Samba". The
single failure I have is when I attempt to mount a linux share from my
Windows 2000 box. I get the following error:

\\Lalla is not accessible.

The account is not authorized to login in from this station.

This is what my smb.conf file looks like

     server string       = Samba %v running on %h
     wins server         =
     security       = user
     encrypt passwords   = yes
     smb passwd file     = /usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd
     hosts allow         = 10.100.1. localhost

     comment        = %U home directory
     writeable           = yes
     valid users         = turner
     path                = %H

I have used smbpasswd to add a password for turner to Samba and turner is a
valid user on both the Linux box and the Win2000 box.

So, rock solid from the Linux side. Dead in the water from the Win2000
side. Any help you can provide would be *very* appreciated.

If it is relevant, we are using a dynamic DHCP server and currently my
Linux box is without a doman name but has a valid IP address.

Thanks for your time.

Douglass Turner
email: turner at uvs.is

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