Report to Recipient(s) - what's this ????

Dennis Micheelsen sak at
Wed Sep 26 15:36:02 GMT 2001

reply on Wednesday, September 26, 2001, 6:15:49 PM:

SVRAIMAIL1/TCSMUMBAI/TCS> Incident Information:-

SVRAIMAIL1/TCSMUMBAI/TCS> Originator:    "G Lalithambika"<lalithambika at>
SVRAIMAIL1/TCSMUMBAI/TCS> Recipients:    samba at

SVRAIMAIL1/TCSMUMBAI/TCS> WARNING:  The file FOCHAP06.DOC.pif you received was infected with the
SVRAIMAIL1/TCSMUMBAI/TCS> W32/SirCam at MM virus.  The file attachment was not successfully cleaned.

am i the only one beeing a bit annoyed by this email constantly
arriving at my inbox ..... abit different every time .. :( ..

has anyone told "G Lalithambika"<lalithambika at> that
he has virus ????

Hilsen/Best Regards,
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