Sticky shares?

Urban Widmark urban at
Wed Sep 26 14:31:03 GMT 2001

On Wed, 26 Sep 2001, Michael P. Blinn wrote:

> I'm attempting to mount two NT4.0 shares to two local directories on my
> samba server -- I want to do this so I can use Amanda to do backups of both
> my Linux and NT boxes. I run into two problems:

What is wrong with smbtar, I though Amanda was preconfigured to use that.

> 1: When I do the mount command, I receive the error "Unable to load cp437",
> though the mount apparently succeedes -- I assume this is a codepage that is
> not enabled by default..?

It is set as the value for the default codepage, but it is not compiled by
default.  It's a smbfs bug, it should only look for it if you have
specified both a codepage and an iocharset
(American are you? Just ignore it, strange non us-ascii things ... :)

> 2: The mounted path eventually becomes unmounted, say if I leave it
> overnight. My Linux box still thinks it is mounted, however, and backups
> crap out without attempting a remount.

Kernel version? smbmount from which samba version?
It should try and be able to reconnect, but older versions have a few
known problems (both with trying and being able).

autofs is nice, another trick is to make a script update something on the
share (date > /mnt/.smbfs_keepalive) every 5 minutes or so. SMB servers
like to disconnect idle clients.
(A horrible practise, as that closes their files and drops any file locks
 they may have ... smbfs should ping the server itself, but currently
 does not. I have patches for that though.)


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