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Leo leochan72 at
Wed Sep 26 11:43:11 GMT 2001


We have a Samba PDC in our Windows network. Now, we want to change the user password thru windows client (Win98)

I added those 3 lines in smb.conf:

unix passwd sync = True
passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u
passwd chat = *New\sUNIX\spassword:\s %n\n *password:\s %n\n *successfully\n

I tried to change the password by using smbpasswd thru telnet. It's ok.

However, when I open a command window and use "net password" to change the password. I got Error86 but the password is acutally changed.

Moreover, if I want to change the password thru Control Panel in windows (Win98), I cannot change the password in Samba and Linux server but only windows itself. I got a incorrect password message if I select the microsoft networking option in the password changing in Control Panel.

I had worked on this problem for a whole day, and I read nearly all previous Q&A in the mailing lists about that. The server is not using NIS and LDAP. So, it should be quite simple.

Thanks in advance

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