Upload of printer drivers fails for Xerox DocuCentre

Eirik Thorsnes Eirik.Thorsnes at fys.uib.no
Wed Sep 26 09:27:58 GMT 2001

I have managed to upload printer drivers successfully to 
a samba 2.2.1a (samba.org RPM) server running on RH 7.1
BUT when I try to upload drivers for the Xerox Document Centre
printer the files get uploaded to .....printers/WIN40/
and ......printers/W32X86/
but I get the following in the logs:

Sep 26 17:43:53 pkinett smbd[10967]:   move_driver_to_download_area: Unable 
to rename [WIN40/DCX65A4.DRV] to [WIN40/0/DCX65A4.DRV] 

So it seems that it for some reason fails to move the files.

The "0" directory already exists with some HP drivers in it.

Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance

Eirik Thorsnes

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