Sticky shares?

Michael P. Blinn mblinn at
Wed Sep 26 09:27:22 GMT 2001

My question has to do with mount more than samba, though it may be related.

I'm attempting to mount two NT4.0 shares to two local directories on my
samba server -- I want to do this so I can use Amanda to do backups of both
my Linux and NT boxes. I run into two problems:

1: When I do the mount command, I receive the error "Unable to load cp437",
though the mount apparently succeedes -- I assume this is a codepage that is
not enabled by default..?

2: The mounted path eventually becomes unmounted, say if I leave it
overnight. My Linux box still thinks it is mounted, however, and backups
crap out without attempting a remount.

Would it be better to use autofs to manage these things?

-Michael Blinn
 People Places, Inc.

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