Name mangling bug: was samba bug?

James Nord teilo at
Wed Sep 26 06:31:06 GMT 2001

James Nord wrote:

> Hi,
> I stumbled accross the following just now (samba 2.2.2-pre)
> anyone else seen this? is it known?
> windows explorer make a new folder "foo..." -> gets renamed to "foo" 
> i.e. looses the trailing three dots..
> from unix make a dir "foo..." you see it listed in windows explrer.
> user at sambaserver# echo hello > foo.../hello.txt
> windows explorer  "foo..." dir is empty..
> /James
Okay the name choping is a windows (at least 2000) thing - tried 
creating documents from cmd.exe and cygwin tools, all loose the trailing 
Haven't tested on 9x/Dos/NT4

But samba normally mangles illegal names? why does it not do so here?

user at sambaserv > mkdir samba\hello\\ooo

user at win2000> dir foo
 Volume in drive H is homes_inh
 Volume Serial Number is 1205-4BBA

 Directory of H:\temp\samba

2001/09/26  15:29       <DIR>          .
2001/09/26  15:29       <DIR>          ..
2001/09/26  15:29       <DIR>          HELLO~O0
               0 File(s)              0 bytes
               3 Dir(s)   5 637 144 576 bytes free


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