Windows viruses hitting linux via network shares

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Sep 26 06:29:04 GMT 2001

On Tue, 25 Sep 2001, Joel Hammer wrote:

> Yet another virus is on us. This one comes via windows and when
> executed will erase your hard drive, or whatever. I have a home
> network with windows clients on it. So far, nobody has done the
> unthinkable, but they might some day. I have all the boxes hooked
> together with a samba network. Seems to work OK. I have all the
> clients as guest = ftp. This means that they couldn't write to most of
> my directories (or erase them) but there are plenty of files and
> probably some directories which are world writeable and erasable. So,
> question is, if one of these malicious viruses executed on a windows
> client, how much damage would one expect to the world writable
> directories and files on my linux boxes (Forget the windows boxes. I
> would gladly tell my windows users it was a shame.) While I await the
> answer, I am going to change all my shares to read only. On second
> thought, using the magic of samba, I'll let the linux boxes have write
> privileges. Joel

A good solution for certain viruses is to use the "veto files"
parameter.  See smb.conf(5) for details.

cheers, jerry
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