JetDirect problem

Michels, Gustavo [EES/BR] gustavo.michels at
Wed Sep 26 05:05:02 GMT 2001


I had some communication errors while printing to JetDirect cards using
LPRng. Well, actually just one card (J3113), all others are fine (including

I switched to CUPS and the communication errors disappeared. Try CUPS and
see what you get.


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Hello all,
I have a HP JetDirect 400n that is giving me woes when trying to print to it
from a samba client. When printing from the samba box, it prints fine. But
when printing from the win2k clients, it shows up in the queue on both,
shows as completed on both, but spits nothing out of the printer. It will
start reading on the display on the printer "Processing Job" and then sits
for hours with nothing happening. Does anyone have any ideas? Would having
this printer/jetdirect also attatched to a win nt print server be causing me
problems? A job from the samba box did get bumped at one point by the win nt
print server.
Thanks for all the help...

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