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Wed Sep 26 00:01:19 GMT 2001

Hello there

The following phenomenon has ocurred on samba 2.0.7 as well as on a 2.2.0,
one was a Compaq and the other a IBM Server.
When trying to browse a certain directory  the Win Explorer freezes and
nothing happens anymore
On doing a "ls" on the same directory from the shell freezes that session
as well. Checking the Samba and the System logs
shows nothing unusual. A good number of smbd processes were running which
could not be killed not even with a kill -9
"procinfo" shows a load average of > 30 but the system is responding as
usual. Doing a "top" shows a load average
of  < 0.5,  Funny eyh :-)
Disks had plenty of space left.
Other shares and directories on the same share could still be accessed. I
had to reboot the machine after 168 days of uptime :-(

Once the machines where up again the directory could be accessed without
any Problems

Any ideas ?

Best regards
Robert Gehr

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