creating batch file for logon script...

Sano B Rutsen heiko at
Tue Sep 25 09:01:13 GMT 2001

I agree with you, but then im planning to write a script that would 
automate the creation of the batch file, so that every time I have
to add a user i dont have to manually create the file in notepad for
all the users, just to copy it to the linux box. 

This way everytime i add a user for samba, a dos formatted script is 
automatically created without leaving my linux box,(very convenient if
I have many users).

But then again, I can see your point. Im doing this for a home network
with no more than 20 users... hehe... Anyways, i like doing things 
for fun.   


Best Regards,


=?iso-8859-1?Q?Wilmar_P=E9rez?= wrote:

>Hi Sano
>Well, your friend's right.  But you don't need any other program.  You
>just've got to edit the file in a DOS or Windows plain text editor and the
>send it to the Linux box, that's it.


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