problems with msdfs

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Tue Sep 25 07:31:07 GMT 2001

We did some tests with msdfs on HP/UX with samba version 2.2.1.a and we 
found a strange

We create a msdfs root on a HP/UX system with samba version 2.2.1.a and 
create a link
in it to an HP/UX system with samba version 2.0.7.

We mapped the link in the msdfs root on a NT4 system to drive F. 

The share contains the source of samba and in explorer we went to :


This will start netscape and all seems ok.

But after about 10-15 minutes there seems to be something wrong,
netscape couldn't find the file and if went down through the directories
in explore there seems to be an extra directory src in it,
so the path is now :


Has anybody seen this problem before?? Are there users which are using
msdfs in Samba ??


Eddy Reniers,
Philips Research Laboratories
Department Computer Services,
Prof.Holstlaan 4, 5656 AA Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Email  : c.m.e.reniers at
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