NFS + samba + Microsoft Office...

Patrik Carlsson pc at
Tue Sep 25 06:40:05 GMT 2001

Hi there...

We have two samba-servers on different nets..
One for the students and one for the teachers..

When teachers is in computerlabs they can logon with their
usernames and map up disks.
They have their home-directory on the server for teachers (called
The computerlabs is set up to map homedirectories from the other server
(called smbserver-stud)
And smbserver-stud have the teachers homes NFS-mounted from
smbserver-teach, so the teachers can map their homes even in the

But when the teachers try to open a Microsoft-file (Word, Excel..) from
their home-directory it's not possible to open their files... 
But when they are back on their own computers which is on the same
net as smbserver-teach and map from that server it is no problem...
It's possible to open other files as *.jpg or *.txt it's only
Microsoft Office-files which have this problem....
We figured that this is some problem with sharing files which are
NFS-mounted... Could it be so?

We are using samba 2.2.1a on both samba-servers and the OS is Solaris 7...
We hade to turn off everything with oplocks to get 2.2.1a to work under

Thanks In Advance

Patrik Carlsson

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