Sharing problems

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Shares are only declared in smb.conf. Post your smb.conf so anyone can help
you better.


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> Subject: Sharing problems
> Hi,
>        I have a problem, kindly help me.   I had installed 
> Samba 2.0.7 in a
> Solaris 8 server in a windows NT worgroup setup and in the 
> smb.conf file had
> shared individually all the folders.  It was working fine.  
> Now we have
> converted out NT systems to Domain setup.  Now I tried to point samba
> validations to the NT PDC.  It was not working properly.  
> Then I totally
> uninstalled, deleted all the folders and reinstalled samba.  
> Now I removed
> all the individual shares and shared the Home folder.  And I 
> configured for
> NT Domain validation.  Now it is working correctly.
>        The problem is when we open the system in Network 
> Neighborhood it is
> showing 2 shares with different names (but pointing to the 
> same folder)
> whereas I have specified only one share in the smb.conf file. 
>  Can anyone
> tell me from where it is taking the other share details.  I tested the
> smb.conf file with testparm command and it is specifying only 
> the share that
> is in the smb.conf file.
>        I would be very thankful if helped.
> Regards,
> Ravi.
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