bug report: RPC printers document default setting

Michels, Gustavo [EES/BR] gustavo.michels at emersonenergy.com
Tue Sep 25 04:23:04 GMT 2001


Not Samba related, but most HP printers have an 'Auto Continue' option. It
means that the printer will override A4/Letter paper sizes and print, no
matter which paper size the job was formatted for.

Don't know if other brands have this feature, we have mostly HP printers


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> Subject: bug report: RPC printers document default setting
> Hi,
> First: thx to all the samba team members for the great job 
> from years !!!
> Now I can tell you the bug that annoy me (0:
> I am using samba as print server in a big  windows (NT4 domain)
> environnement (1000+ clients, 130+ queues). I recently tried 
> using the new
> RPC printers to centralize the drivers on the samba servers.
> It seems that all works fine exept for a little bug:
> I can put the drivers on the server with a authorized account
> I can set default document setting from a windows client with the same
> account (security = domain) to A4.
> From a windows client, I can access and browse and install 
> printers, but,
> the document default setting (french A4 for me) isn't correct :
> When I print a test page from the windows driver properties, 
> it is formated
> in US letter and hang the printer (but in the driver default document
> properties A4 is selected !);  strange, when I print a 
> notepad or word doc
> for exemple it is correctly formated in A4 and prints fine. 
> Stranger, if I
> the printer name (in /ect/printcap and the service name in 
> smb.conf) is
> "lp", like the usual default unix local printer name, all is 
> correct (the
> test page from the print test page command is in A4). If I 
> recreate the
> same printer (same driver) with another name the "print test page bug"
> arise again.
> As I am afraid to have clients using applincations builded on the same
> process as the "print test page" function, I can't deploy the 
> solution (if
> letter is send to the A4 printer user need to manually push 
> the paper).
> If you need I can do other tests.
> Greeting,
> Alexandre Kanounnikoff
> Config:
> Linux Slackware 7.1
> kernel 2.2.18
> samba 2.2.1a
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