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actually I have the same problem. I have a workgroup with a Samba 2.0.x
Server as the master browser.
A Workstation with Windows 2000 Professional SP2 cant enter/view this
workgroup neither in the network
neighbourhood or via net use/net view. All I get is the same error message
as told below.
Other Workstations using Win98SE or Win NT 4.0 Workstation SP3 dont have
any troubles. I know
that there are some problems regarding Samba and Win2K, is this one of them


Stefan Hurst

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I am running susi linux 6.4 with the standard version of samba ( no
upgrade) I can't upgrade it at the moment as the data is to crucial
to the rest of the network. From a windows 2000 machine no
matter what i log in as the message " the account is not authorised
to log you in from this station " appeares. No matter what i try i
can't get it to work. please could you confirm wather or not an
upgrade  to the latest samba will fix this. also i seem to remember
something about plain text passwords runing on samba.

Yours Hopefully
Matthew Mayo

any replies please send to
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