unable to access folder

Chen Kee Chuan kc.chen at net-linx.com.my
Tue Sep 25 00:45:03 GMT 2001


I hope someone can help me. I've configured samba on 2 machines now, 1st
machine ok, but the 2nd one have problems. Same samba settings and versions.

When I tried to access the samba server folder at the network neighbourhood,
I got this error: "The server is not configured for transactions"
Hence I went to check the DIAGNOSIS.txt file and did the tests ..... they
passed except test4, in which I did  "smbclient //SERVER/tmp", it asked me
for password, when I input the root password it said "session setup
failed:ERRSRV - ERRbadpw (Bad passwd - /name/password pair in a tree Connect
or Session setup are invalid"

I've created SERVER in the NT server and also did "smbpasswd -j <domain> -r
<nt_server>" earlier in fact redid it before restarting samba daemons.

Thanks in advance,

Chen Kee Chuan
email:kc.chen at net-linx.com.my

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