Integrating Win2k and Linux/Unix for a single logon

shadoi shadoi at
Mon Sep 24 13:31:04 GMT 2001

I currently have this setup with good success using Samba-TNG
2.6.1alpha, with OpenLDAP as the back-end w/3000+ users.  Tridge told me
that full support for an LDAP back-end would be in the next release of
Samba 2.2.x HEAD branch.  So you can either risk it with Samba-TNG or
wait for the (more stable) 2.2.x release from the Samba team.

There are various HOWTO's which I used to do this, here is one of the

There are bits and peices from other HOWTO's that are helpful, but you
can get 99% up and running with this information.

Good luck!  It can be challenging.

* Blake

On Mon, 2001-09-24 at 12:47, Daniel Curry wrote:
> Simple question with a very complex answer (I'm sure):
> How?
> I have a Win2k system running Exchange 2000, I am not able to get rid of
> this, unfortunately.  I have been granted authorization, by my ever so
> wise, damagement team to move our existing NT servers to Linux, provided
> they keep Outlook/Exchange and still have a single password for the
> network. 
> I will have 2 fileservers and the before mentioned Exchange box.  What
> software is needed where to set this up?  
> Is it possible to utilize the exchange server as the fileserver as well,
> and have it mounting the various shares?  Is this sensible?
> What other configurations can be suggested?  Is there a way to force
> Active Directory to authenticate against a Linux based LDAP/NIS
> solution?
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