Integrating Win2k and Linux/Unix for a single logon

Daniel Curry dcurry at
Mon Sep 24 12:44:02 GMT 2001

Simple question with a very complex answer (I'm sure):


I have a Win2k system running Exchange 2000, I am not able to get rid of
this, unfortunately.  I have been granted authorization, by my ever so
wise, damagement team to move our existing NT servers to Linux, provided
they keep Outlook/Exchange and still have a single password for the

I will have 2 fileservers and the before mentioned Exchange box.  What
software is needed where to set this up?  

Is it possible to utilize the exchange server as the fileserver as well,
and have it mounting the various shares?  Is this sensible?

What other configurations can be suggested?  Is there a way to force
Active Directory to authenticate against a Linux based LDAP/NIS

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