SAMBA is getting overloaded

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Mon Sep 24 09:20:03 GMT 2001

You wrote:
| I'm trying to make Samba as file-server for our database. This
| database is written in MS Access. Until now we used Windows 98
| BUT when we are trying to use Samba, we encountered
| problems. When is this database open more than from 4 stations, 
| there are creating new connections on the Samba. 

	Make sure you have oplocks=no on the share
	you have the pseudo-database file in, and do
	make sure it's a sperate share.

	Access shouldn't be used for more then 3-5
	users when you depend on filesystems locks
	across the network, even on Win9x or NT. Plan
	to switch to using it as an "access method" 
	(the origin of its name) to a back-end DBMS
	running on a dedicated machine

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