ext2 + quotas

Alan Cox alan at redhat.com
Mon Sep 24 08:02:04 GMT 2001

> God help you though, if you reboot with a Linus 2.4.9 kernel,
> I don't think it'll work....

The quota code in Linus tree is too broken for vendors to ship. Thats
why RH and most other vendors ship closer to working code. Try using a 32
bit uid with the Linus quota, or filling in holes, or hitting ^S then
getting a quota exhaustion message sent to that tty (dead dead dead time)

> This is *not* a good situation for App. vendors to be in, and
> I hope it gets resolved by the Linux kernel teams asap.

People tried to resolve it with Linus before 2.4.0  and the patches got dropped
and ignored and they got no mail replies or anything. I suspect this one will
be resolved at the point Linus ceases to directly manage 2.4 not before


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