Upgrading from 2.0.6 to 2.2.1a

José Miguel del Río Martínez jmiguel.delrio at catastro.meh.es
Mon Sep 24 07:57:02 GMT 2001

  we have about 60 HP-9000 servers (K, D, R, L, A series) which we have
recently upgraded to HP-UX 11.0. This version of HP-UX includes Samba 2.0.6.

We haven´t so far used Samba but we are testing it and planning to use it in
all our servers.
  Because of the security bugs discovered, we would like to upgrade them to
version 2.2.1a. This version doesn't seem to be available in binary format
for HP platforms, so we would have to make the binaries and distribute them
to all the servers.
  Is there an easier way to do the upgrade?
  Thanks in advance.


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