nmbd tries to send from wrong ip

Torbjörn Jansson tobbe%mariedal-32-147.student.mh.se at mh.se
Mon Sep 24 00:13:03 GMT 2001

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> I am no expert on this but no one has responded yet so I will take a shot:
> It says that the source IP is So, that is your samba
> machine I
> suppose.
> It says the destination is That is on the external network I
> conclude.
> What IP are you known by to the external network, eth1? This says
> you failed to
> send a packet from, from eth1, which sounds right,
> since that is a private
> number.
> What do you see with ifconfig?
> Can you interact with your external network properly otherwise?
> BTW, is samba working properly despite this error message?
> Joel

i have a filter in iptables on eth1 that denys everyone trying to send
packets that has a source-ip from my internal network, thats why it says
"operation not permitet"

my external ip on eth1 is 10.252.32.x
i can a access hosts on my external network with no problem
i can also access the internet with no problems

i can access shares on samba, but nmbd wont register as a domain
masterbrowser unless i force it to use only the external eth1 interface

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