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Fri Sep 21 04:54:02 GMT 2001

Hi there,

Let me first tell you our setup....

I'm at a school (actually 2 but who is counting) with approx 1000 students in a NT domain. In the past we have had problems with students consuming more diskspace than was intended. First we tried to enforce a quota using kix, but the little 'rats' soon figured a way around that. To overcome that we started using an Linux setup with quota's in place and using samba to share their home folders.

This works quite well, except for one thing....
The quota is set up with a 5000kB soft and a 6000kB hard limit, I've allready fiddled around with the grace period setting it from 7 days to 2 hours to 0 hours.
I know samba has little or nothing to do with quota's but it does cause me a problem I'm afraid.
Whenever a user goes over his quota they get a message saying something like "Disk Full". Nothing wrong with that off course but the catch is that samba keeps a lock on the file wich couses the problem, and when it was a file copy, on the copied file ass well.

Here is a screendum from a smbstatus screen:
Locked files:
Pid    DenyMode   R/W        Oplock           Name
25468  DENY_ALL   WRONLY     EXCLUSIVE+BATCH  /home/pkn/Kopie (4) van db1.mdb   Fri Sep 21 08:52:18 2001
25468  DENY_WRITE RDONLY     EXCLUSIVE+BATCH  /home/pkn/Kopie (2) van db1.mdb   Fri Sep 21 08:52:18 2001

Here the file to be copied is "Kopie (2) van db1.mdb"   as "Kopie (4) van db1.mdb" . Both files cannot be handled by explorer anymore. I.e. it can not be deleted or opened (by Acces in this case). At the moment I've got a cronjob in place restarting samba every morning to remove these locks.

But the I cannot escape the thought that there must be a better way to solve this problem.


Peter Kaagman
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