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Lawrence Walton lawrence at
Thu Sep 20 15:33:02 GMT 2001

Hello all I have been lurking for a while on the samba list and a samba
user for quite some time. I have been playing with samba 2.2.x and now
am getting ready to deploy a production box. I will be running several
services but first and most important is samba. I am using samba 2.2.1a
from Debian, and it is running as a PDC on a test network.

It appears to be working fairly well with the exception of the new
printer$ format. I am unable other then as root (which I hate enabling
in samba) to browse the printers$ share. using the old format printers
it works fine.

My entry in smb.conf is:

path = /usr/local/etc/samba/printers
guest ok = yes
browseable = yes
read only = yes
write list = lawrence, @staff
printer admin = lawrence, @staff 

Permissions on the directorys are:

total 12
drwxrwxr-x    3 root     staff        4096 Sep 20 15:06 .
drwxrwxr-x    4 root     staff        4096 Sep 19 14:31 ..

total 8
drwxrwxr-x    2 root     staff        4096 Sep 19 14:31 .
drwxrwxr-x    4 root     staff        4096 Sep 19 14:31 ..

I also as root am unable to successfully add printer drivers with either

logging in as root

Specified model (Cannon iR600-550-60 PCL) not present in .INF file.
[rpc]: Printer Driver Information : 
[rpc]:     Printer Model   = Cannon iR600-550-60 PCL
[rpc]:     Environment     = W32X86
[rpc]:     Driver Filename = 
[rpc]:     Data Filename   = 
[rpc]:     Config Filename = 
[rpc]:     Help Filename   = 
[rpc]: Installing Windows NT x86 drivers for Cannon iR600-550-60 PCL...
[rpc]: Printer Driver Upload Directory = \\TEMAE01\print$\W32X86
[rpc]: ERROR! Windows NT error code : [result was NT_STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION]

Or with Windows NT APW Also login in as root. (can't see print shares
other wise) Files are copied, and at the end I get a error message:

"Operation Could not be Completed this function is only valid in windows NT mode."

Can anyone shed some light on what I might be doing wrong?

Before you say "download the CVS", is there allready debian package
support in CVS? if not can I work with the maintainer to add it?

/me ducks and runs because I did not ask him first. :)

I am hoping that this problem is of the Read The Fine Manual sort. and
someone can point me to the right one...

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