Printer fiasco...

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Thu Sep 20 08:36:05 GMT 2001

Sorry, I meant 901...and I now get a 400 server error: chdir failed, which I
believe is being caused by the xinetd swat portion looking in the wrong
place for the swat binary. I have pointed it EVERYWHERE that might be
correct (which there is only one installed) and created soft links to it
from several directories. Any ideas?

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Maybe I don't understand but...

You have entered 901 in but you are connecting to port 631, you should be
connecting to port 901.


But I might be missing something you have done.



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First, thanks for all of the help recently. I appreciate it.
But...I have just implemented the cvs code as to be able to use the 'use
client driver' option because win nt/2k machines have been seeing an 'Access
denied, unable to connect' error for the print queues and this will
apparently fix this. I will describe my setup and what I have done thus far:
RH 7.1
Samba 2_2 cvs
CUPS 1.1.10
Downloaded CVS
In /source, ./configure, make, make install
Added swat 901/tcp to /etc/services
Added swat config to /etc/xinetd.d with disable = no, and commented out
only_from, and changed server to /usr/local/samba/bin/swat
I have no access to swat.
I get a 'Connection to host localhost is broken.
I can access Webmin, and the CUPS web admin, but get the above error when
trying to connect to port 631.
Help? Please?
I haven't even setup a smb.conf yet, because if I don't get swat running,
the organization I work for will not want this box in house.
So, any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
Thanks again for your time,
Wade Winright

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