Printing Windows-2000

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You need the latest samba_2_2 cvs code implemented, and then need to set
'use client driver = yes' if you are using the client side driver. If you
are not, I'm not well versed in the other. There is another option having to
do with spools I believe in the latest CVS also. I have yet to get the jobs
to show up in the queue though. If anyone has any tips on using CUPS and
samba with win 2k including a smb.conf file that is working for you, PLEASE
PLEASE send it my way!!!


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I have the same problem as Iztok (see below).
The driver is loading on the Windows 2000 side, however I still cannot get 
Could someone elaborate on "use client driver" parameter, I must be missing 
something in my configration file.

New to linux......

> Hello I am new to the list so please have patience :)
> I have this problem: On my samba (2.2.1a) server I created printer and
> it does ok. But ... If I go to one of our Win200 Pro boxes and try to
> open printer it says: "Access denied, unable to connect" However, jobs
> print ok from all boxes. I have tried Browseable on and also Guest OK
> and nothing changes. All users have their accounts on samba and all
> shares are accessible and working as expected.

See the "use client driver" parameter in the latest Samba 2.2.
cvs code.

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