Complicated network problem

Mark A. Tagliaferro be_lak at
Thu Sep 20 08:06:02 GMT 2001

I am setting up a linux system in my school, where I have designed the
following system:

                   Clients         Clients         Clients
   Internet         Win95           Win95           Win95
      |               |               |               |
+----------+    +----------+    +----------+    +----------+    
|   Srv1   |    |   Srv2   |    |   Srv3   |	|   srv4   |
+----------+    +----------+    +----------+    +----------+
      |               |               |               |
          backbone network

Servers 2 to 4 are in separate computer labs but I need that every student can
login from any room, and that all the students data is stored in a central
location (probably srv1).  The solution lies in NIS and NFS, OK, but how will
SAMBA react to this?  What is the best solution?

I alse need to share printers and cd-roms in the same way, either from a
central location or from individual servers, but I need the flexibility that
allows me to route all printing from server 2 to server 4, say in a very short
while. (In exam situations when a printer goes crazy is a case).

Anyne out there ever tried something like this before?


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